Muere a los 51 años expelotero guantanamero Liván González Moreira

Former Guantanamo player Liván González Moreira dies at 51

MIAMI, United States. — Former Guantanamo player and baseball coach Liván González Moreira died in that province in eastern Cuba at the age of 51, reported the digital portal Full Swing.

Sources consulted by that specialized baseball media point out that the former baseball player died on July 3 due to a brain tumor.

A native of the municipality of Imías, Liván González Moreira participated in 10 National Series and was a member of the Guantánamo teams that obtained the best historical results in that province at the end of the 1990s.

Among his main individual results were his participation in the 2004 All-Star Game and a call-up to the Cuba team that same year to make a cap with a team of professional Venezuelan baseball stars.

The Guantanamo announcer Nevay Machado described Liván González as a player with “strength at bat, powerful arm, quick on the bases and, above all, very timely.”

In addition to standing out with the Guantánamo team in the National Series, the deceased athlete represented that province in sports such as athletics and soccer.

As part of her foray into athletics, Liván González participated in a National Youth Championship, where she won the silver medal, and in a Special National Youth Championship, where she won the same medal.

Due to his good results, he participated in the 1990 Central American and Caribbean Youth Games, held in Havana.

After her foray into athletics, and prior to her definitive transition to baseball —a sport to which she devoted herself after she was 20 years old— Liván González also ventured into soccer, participating in two National Championships in the first category.

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