Former Foreign Minister Allamand leaves the ship and submits his resignation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Former Foreign Minister Allamand leaves the ship and submits his resignation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amid criticism of his management, his absence during the crisis in the north, and when there had even been talk of a constitutional accusation against him, the government of President Sebastián Piñera announced the resignation presented by Andrés Allamand from his position as minister Of Foreign Affairs.

Through a statement, La Moneda explained that the President has already accepted the request of the now former foreign minister. In this way, as of today, Carolina Valdivia Torres, who currently serves as Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, assumes the position in surrogate.

“President Sebastián Piñera thanks Andrés Allaman for his management of the position and wishes Carolina Valdivia success in this new challenge,” states the document sent from the Presidency.

The resignation was made effective through a telematic meeting with President Piñera and the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, where they addressed, among other things, the controversy that has arisen since images of him were released in Spain, performing tasks as Ibero-American Secretary General and not as Minister of State.

It is worth mentioning that Allamand was chosen as head of the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), an international organization based in Spain. For this reason, the former Chilean foreign minister left the country to travel to Europe, a fact that generated a wave of criticism that pointed to the migration crisis in northern Chile.

After learning of his resignation, former minister Allamand declared that “the situation has given rise to a series of criticisms that affect the government of which I am a part, and incidentally, they intend to discredit the work of the Foreign Ministry, contributing to tension in the political climate.”

At a press point, Allamand assured that “the serenity of the political climate favors the best transfer of power between the current government and the elected government.” “In response to the above, I have submitted my resignation.”

Consequently, Andrés Allamand submitted his resignation and what he anticipated would be the “definitive closure of national politics.”

For his part, Minister Delgado thanked, on his own behalf and on behalf of the President, the work of the now former Foreign Minister, particularly in terms of negotiating vaccines, technical closure in the negotiation with the European Union, peace and friendship treaty in the area south and recover relations with Bolivia.

Attorney Carolina Valdivia has work experience as general director of legal affairs at Minrel and served as executive coordinator of the agency before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for the case Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean between Bolivia and Chile.



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