Former candidate for Mayor of Bucaramanga released for ‘Gigiomania’ case

Judge 10 of control of guarantees of Bucaramanga granted him the conditional release to Cecilio Alberto Vera Rojas, former candidate for Mayor of Bucaramanga, investigated for theft and illegal possession of weapons, in the framework of the case called ‘Gigiomania’.

Alias ​​’Gigio’ was captured last year Accused of participating in the theft of 2,000 million pesos, he is also being investigated for illegal possession of weapons.

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The defense of the controversial businessman argued before the court expiration of terms, according to one of his lawyers Jorge Enrique Serrano, the deadlines to start the oral trial have not been respectedand there is no reason for the former mayoral candidate to continue to be detained intramurally.

This is the second time that an attempt was made to pass this request for release due to the expiration of terms. Basically, it consists in the fact that a period of plus 240 days without the beginning of the oral trial hearing”, Serrano said.

However, the defense attorney explained that the investigation process must continue, Therefore, after the stages of requesting evidence, the defense expected to prove the innocence of the accused.

“That is where the defense is going to expose that, Cecilio Alberto has remained on the sidelines of any type of criminal activity, and his only function was to worry about the bumanguesa community, his own and his family, and we are going to demonstrate that”, emphasized the lawyer Jorge Enrique Serrano.

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For this reason, and despite the fact that the defendant now enjoys the benefit of parole, the investigation will continue, and the Second Criminal Court of the Specialized Circuit must determine if the person involved committed any crime of which he is accused.

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