Forest fires: Minister Delgado says that “there is evidence” of intentionality in new outbreaks

Forest fires: Minister Delgado says that "there is evidence" of intentionality in new outbreaks

The Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, affirmed that there is “concrete evidence” on the intentionality in new sources of forest fires. These incidents, which have mainly affected the southern part of the country, have damaged more than 30 thousand hectares.

“We have concrete evidence, we are obviously making it available to investigations, that there are images, witnesses, stories, that indeed there are people or groups of people who are taking advantage of the forest fires at this time to, in some way, , generate new sources of fire, “said the Secretary of State in conversation with Radio DNA.

“This is not speculation, we saw how they (Mininco’s plane) were shot (…) we have a rather unusual behavior of fire sources in La Araucanía,” continued the Interior Minister.

“We have equipment, lookout planes, satellite images to see and configure how the lights are given. And there are patterns that say when there is intentionality (…) we are talking about cunning attacks, coordinated to generate damage, chaos. It is not very different. to the fire that when you see when a machinery burns, when a house burns, “he added.

The minister announced that the antecedents on the intentionality of new outbreaks will be referred to the Justice.

“I am not saying that all the fires in the southern macrozone have this pattern, but there are quite a few sources that we have detected, there are images of people starting fires that will unfortunately end up as forest fires,” Delgado said.

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