Foreign Ministry protests before Honduras for receiving Rafael Correa

President Xiomara Castro (leftist tendency) received Rafael Correa “to exchange experiences and good practices that he had in his Government.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested to the Honduran regime by the decision of the president of that country, Ximara Castro, to invite Rafael Correa to “exchange the experiences and good practices that he had in his Government, especially in the economic field.”

In a letter dated March 29, 2022 and addressed to the Embassy of Honduras in Ecuador, the Foreign Ministry recalls that the former head of state is a fugitive from justice Ecuadorian. He is sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime of aggravated bribery issued by the Specialized Criminal Chamber of the National Court of Justice (CNJ).

Likewise, it is emphasized that this ruling was confirmed by the Court of Cassation In the case known as “Bribes 2012-2016”.

This process began in May 2019 and the sentence against the former president was issued in April 2020along with those of 21 other people prosecuted in that case.

In another part of the letter, the Foreign Ministry specifies that the prevention and fight against corruption constitute an imperative and responsibility of all States. “It is hoped that in the relations between our two governments, cooperation against that scourge that compromises the development of our peoples and the rule of law”, is highlighted in the statement.

The Honduran Government said that Correa is a “friend of the Honduran people” and was in the “difficult moments during the coup d’état” of June 28, 2009 against the then president Manuel Zelaya, husband of Xiomara Castro. (SC)

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