Foreign Minister César Landa asks to allow the OAS to be present in the vacancy debate

Foreign Minister César Landa asks to allow the OAS to be present in the vacancy debate

Foreign Minister César Landa sent a letter to the president of Congress, (Popular Action) so that three representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS) are allowed to enter the plenary session on Monday, March 28, in which the vacancy motion against .

The document released by the congresswoman of Avanza País, Norma Yarrow, specifies that the General Secretariat of the OAS sent a note requesting that three of its representatives be allowed to enter Parliament, which is why the foreign minister transmits the request to Alva Prieto .

The representatives are Jean Miguel Arrighi, Secretary for Legal Affairs; Maricarmen Plata, Secretary of Access to Rights and Equity; and Miguel Ángel Trinidad, OAS representative in Peru.

“You will agree, Madam President, on the importance that the debate in question be carried out with the greatest possible transparency before the citizens and the international community, given the importance for the governability of the country and for the preservation and full validity of the democracy in the continentLanda stated in the official letter.

Until now, the response of María del Carmen Alva to this official letter from the Foreign Ministry that she received on March 23, or her position on the presence of OAS members in the plenary session where the vacancy against Pedro Castillo will be debated, is not known.

Norma Yarrow, for her part, questioned this request and described it as an “interference” by the OAS that affects the respect that a state power such as Congress should have.

“This interference that the OAS wants to have in a constitutional process escapes any reality or any respect for the investiture of a State power”pointed to RPP.

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