'For Soat to work people have to buy it,' says insurer

‘For Soat to work people have to buy it,’ says insurer

The insurance sector said that with the entry into force of the 50% discount in the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat) for some categories of vehicles, especially motorcycles of less than 200 cubic centimeters, public or commercial service vehicles, They will facilitate the issuance of the policy, but it is necessary for people to buy it and put it to proper use.

This is how D expressed itavid Colmenares, president of Allianz Colombia and the Fasecolda board of directors, who assured that the Government contributes to the safety of pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and other users.

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The Government gives priority to road accidents in an integral way and this important step will be accompanied by the insurance industry that will facilitate its implementation immediately”, said the manager.

Since yesterday the measure that establishes the reduction of 50% of the Soat.
This occurs after Decree 2497 of 2022 was issued on Saturday, detailing that this benefit will involve moped category vehicles.

As of yesterday, low-cylinder motorcycles, taxis, urban minibuses, motorcycles, business cars, urban public service, buses and small buses and inter-municipal public service vehicles will be able to access this reduction in the policy.

Taking into account the discount, the cost of Soat on motorcycles with less than 100 cc, which used to be $414,800, would be $207,400. So on depending on each particular case.

As agreed, and as stated in the document, drivers who have a record of good behavior during the years 2020 and 2021 will receive a 10% discount on insuranceon the value of the premium.

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The beneficiary, however, will not be able to receive this reduction, again, for the same vehicle. “The one-time discount referred to in this article will be granted to the combination between the vehicle and the policyholder. In no case may the policyholder be creditor of the benefit more than once for the same vehicle.”, explains the norm.

Decree 2497 of 2022 defines the 14 categories of vehicles to which the range of differential rates applies, which are equivalent to approximately 50% of the current cost as of December 14, 2022.

The rate for the defined categories is equivalent to approximately 50% and applies to the sum of the maximum rate of the Financial Superintendence, the contribution to the Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (Adres) (52% of the rate maximum of the Superfinanciera and the National Transit Registry (Runt) rate applicable in force as of December 14.

On the website www.superfinanciera.gov.co and providing the vehicle category in the simulationr, the consumer will be able to know the final value in pesos that he must pay.
The user is part of this group if at the time of purchasing the insurance the characteristics of the vehicle, according to the information registered in the Runt, correspond to the categories defined by Decree 2497 of 2022.

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The Superfinanciera said that it does not change the medical care of a vehicle with a differential rate compared to another that does not have it. The change lies in the entity in charge of making the payment of the coverage.

The medical services included in the Soat coverage have not changed. These include: initial emergency care, hospitalization, supply of medical-surgical material, osteosynthesis, orthosis and prosthesis, supply of medicines, surgical treatments and procedures, diagnostic and rehabilitation services.
It must be remembered that the Soat was not created to cover property damage caused by a traffic accident.


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