For Mieres, union conflict remains but “there is a change in tone and mood”

Mieres, after reviewing indicators of recovery of activity after the pandemic, pointed out that there was no growth in union conflict in numbers of conflicts in relation to the years prior to the pandemic.

However, he stressed that it may seem that it has grown because there was a change in “the tone, the mood” of the union actions, because now the “intensity” of the measures and claims has increased, while “questioning and attacking the government ”.

The secretary of state considered “very wrong” that the Conaprole union has planned to visit the embassies of countries that buy from Uruguay, which can cause great harm to the country and even to the workers in the sector, who can lose his job.

“They are not going to do it,” Mieres ruled out, pointing out that in the past the dairy union went to an embassy, ​​but to state that a company in the sector from that country was planning to withdraw from Uruguay, which he considered was a very different situation.

During the press conference, the national labor director, Federico Daverede reported that there were conversations with the workers and the Chamber of the Dairy Industry, which presented a new proposal that the workers are analyzing to respond.

In summary, the new proposal proposes a collective agreement for two years with the possibility of automatic renewal for another two years by consensus, providing for salary recovery, taking into account growth indicators and a peace clause.

Mieres also referred to his support for the director of the National Drug Board, DaneilRadío, in the face of criticism from senator lobbyist Guido Manini Ríos, who accused the institution of competing with drug traffickers for the sale of drugs at lower prices.

The secretary of state stressed that he remained in Radio’s claim as he did through Twitter, reiterating that behind the senator’s proposals there were “misrepresentations.”

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