President Abinader and officials from the Social Government listen to explanations from NexTechDR technicians.  William Burgos

Abinader tries to improve social protection entities

President Luis Abinader launched this morning the Interoperability Plan of the Social Sector of the Dominican Republic that seeks to streamline the services of social protection agencies for the common good.

The platform has as its pillars the efficiency in the use of resources, service improvement and digital transformation.

The president said that this platform is the result of an interesting process carried out in phases, in which the Cabinet of Social Policies, through the development and implementation of the consulting firm NexTechDR, together with the institutions that make up the Cabinet (Adees, Supérate and Siuben) and its strategic partners, determined a series of opportunities to improve the quality of the information handled that is exchanged between each of the actors of the conglomerate of social entities of the public sector.

President Abinader and officials from the Social Government listen to explanations from NexTechDR technicians.

He described the project as a great achievement, because it includes for the first time and in the same process the institutions that serve as the basis for the Social Policy Office and the Supérate program, the Single System of Beneficiaries, the Social Subsidies Administrator, the Community Technological Centers, the Solidarity Point, and government entities such as the Primary Care Units, the National Health Service, the National Health Insurance and the Ministry of Public Health.

It also includes other organizations such as the Dominican Electricity Corporation and the Energy Distribution Companies, the Professional Technical Training Institute, the Social Security Treasury, the Central Electoral Board and the Ministries of Education and Labor.

It is the first in the country and the first in the Caribbean region.

Abinader He said that when he assumed the Presidency of the Republic, he did so with a firm commitment to work tirelessly in favor of achieving the structural changes that our country needs for its full development.

One of the ways to achieve this goal is, he assured, by adapting the normal functioning of the different State agencies to the new times, to the advances that technology offers us to optimize results and provide better care to citizens who require our attention.

“It is with this spirit of service to citizens that the Interoperability Project of the Social Policy Office was born, as a service that comes to change the face of citizen attention through the implementation of the Interoperability Platform of the Social Sector that today we present to the country”, he specified.

These opportunities to efficiently cross-reference the information obtained by each of these entities are the ones that will respond to the needs detected during the surveys carried out in order to have these data available in the same place; that they can be crossed and that the response time is much shorter, much more efficient and transversal, explained the president.

The expansion of information exchange is one of the main points of this project. He specified that many exchanges that were carried out in a decentralized manner can be addressed in a centralized manner.

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