For an analyst, the best thing was the dismissal of Pedro Castillo

For an analyst, the best thing was the dismissal of Pedro Castillo

In the afternoon hours of Wednesday, the Peruvian Congress removed the president of that country, Pedro Castillo, for “permanent moral incapacity.” This occurred after Castillo announced the dissolution of the legislature and declared a government of emergency exception.

Gustavo Romero, a lawyer and political analyst from Peru, said that President Pedro Castillo entered a clear political deterioration by committing a crime that will land him in jail.

“He has perverted the constitutional order for a derisory popular support. It has a very high disapproval rate above 75%, ”she said.

He maintained that he was surprised by the dissolution of Congress today, although it was known that he intended to do so at any moment,

“It was appropriate for Congress to meet today. The best thing that can happen to Peru is that the president is removed, there must be a transitional government with changes in the electoral rules. A difficult journey awaits us from now on, ”he said.


At the beginning of June 2021, Pedro Castillo, candidate for Peru Libre, won with 50.12% over Keiko Fujimori of the Fuerza Popular party who was left with 49.88%. This means a difference of only 44 thousand people.

Gustavo Romero, lawyer and political analyst from Peru.

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