Flou: 22 years innovating the national rock scene

Flou: 22 years innovating the national rock scene

The national rock band “Flou” launched itself into the world of music in the early 2000s, with the song “Demente”, without imagining that this would begin its path to becoming one of the icons of the genre in Paraguay.

Almost 22 years after its first success, the group still has goals to achieve, such as, for example, re-disseminating its art in “further” points abroad.

With the end of the 90’s and the beginning of a new century, the Flou group dreamed of developing a passion for the rock genre, despite all the obstacles that could arise.

Walter Cabrera, vocalist of the national band, recalled the beginnings of the group and pointed out that “it was a very difficult time”, since there was not much support for local music, especially rock.

“It was constantly about knocking on doors and working so that our music can also be heard in the media. At that time you didn’t have Spotify yet and the Internet was starting to come here. We still had the means and above all the radio to spread our music”, he commented.

Despite the difficulties, the band never wavered and dedicated themselves to professionalizing their musical skills and techniques.

“We work a lot. We cared a lot about the audio and putting on a nice show. It was a job in which you had to self-invent everything. At that time there weren’t as many bands as there are now. Bands like Paiko began to open the roads at that time, ”he recounted.


Throughout these 22 years, Walter Cabrera pointed out that Flou went through several moments of “inflection” as a result of various musical successes that the public embraced and turned them into “national rock anthems.”

From the first single titled “Demente”, which the group recorded as their first demo in 2003, to the latest video clip called “Romper con el silencio”, Flou had several hits throughout their three albums. Among the repertoire, singles such as “A tu lado” stood out.

“In 2006 the theme was launched. That was the total turning point. Until today it is one of the emblems of our shows. Unintentionally, it practically became the anthem of national rock and in the last ‘Reciclarte’ the single marked the highest point of the festival ever. We didn’t even rehearse this song anymore after so many times we played it. We love that topic very much, ”he said.


Currently, the band is made up of Walter Cabrera (vocals), Federico Wagener (bass), Bruno Ferreiro (guitarist) and Guillermo Gayo (drums).

The group’s vocalist mentioned that one of the secrets of Flou’s success, in these 22 years, is the commitment that all its members have always adopted with the project.

“We have always been very committed. When we raised the band we said here in Paraguay you cannot live from music. We did not imagine that there were going to be festivals for 30,000 people, in which we were going to play. When we started, rock was made more out of passion and the desire to play. One did not expect to live from our music”, he stated.

Thus, despite inclement weather or personal events, the four members of Flou met every weekend with the dream of continuing to establish themselves in the local scene.

“It didn’t matter if it rained, snowed or someone’s wedding, the rehearsal was not changed for anything. The four of us had the same idea from the beginning. We aspired to do this as professional as we can, within what life allows us. No money was earned back then, ”he said.

The commitment and authenticity kept them united and current in the last 22 years, assured Walter Cabrera.


At the end of January, the rock band released “Breaking the Silence”, the latest cut from their new album. In the remainder of the year, taking advantage of the elimination of sanitary restrictions, Flou will focus on promoting the most recent record material through different shows.

“Now we want to go out and play. In fact, we are doing small shows in bars in the interior, because we still don’t know exactly how the public will respond. We are still testing the ground. People still haven’t recovered economically after the pandemic. So, we are trying to do small shows in bars in the interior to bring rock to the interior, which was what we did at the beginning of our career, “he said.

Along the same lines, the group’s vocalist did not rule out the possibility of holding the Flou Rock Fest again during the year, a characteristic activity that the band has been developing in the last 10 years.

“Surely we will end up doing it again (festival). Also, we want to do a couple of big shows in Asunción, aside from going indoors,” he added.


Despite everything they have achieved in years of their career, the vocalist assured that they still have many dreams to conquer as a band.

“We want to go out and play outside and bring some of our music. We always went to play in Argentina, but we want to try to go more often, we want to go back to Mexico, Chile and Uruguay, which were the last trips we made before the pandemic. The idea is to take our music a little further. The desire is there, we keep playing and we are going to keep doing it until he gives us the leather, ”she assured.


Walter Cabrera mentioned that it is still “quite difficult” to make a living from music in Paraguay and, in this sense, he commented that work must still be done to concentrate more support from society and the Government for local artists.

“It is still difficult to make a living from music, there are times when it is not enough for you. Two years we were without playing even once. As a band we generate royalties and do other things. It’s difficult, but it can. At the time it is difficult to establish. Sometimes you get there faster or it takes a little longer, but it all depends on the work and effort you put into your musical project”, he concluded.

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