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Flood victims in Jiquiriça (BA) will be able to withdraw FGTS

Workers in Jiquiriçá (BA) will be able to withdraw, as of tomorrow (12), the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) in case of calamity. The municipality was affected by strong floods at the end of the year. Each worker affected by the floods will be able to withdraw up to R$ 6,220. Only residents of addresses informed by the Civil Defense of the municipalities to Caixa Econômica Federal will be able to withdraw the FGTS. Withdrawal can be requested through the FGTS application until March 14. The worker just needs to open the application and choose the option “Meus Saques”, without the need to go to an agency. The documents – photo of identity document and proof of residence in the name of the worker up to 120 days before the disaster – can be sent through the application itself. If the proof of residence is in the name of the spouse, it will also be necessary to send a marriage certificate or public deed of stable union. The document can also be included in the application. When requesting the withdrawal, the worker can indicate the credit in a Caixa account or any other bank to receive the values, at no cost. The deadline for returning the analysis and crediting the account, if the withdrawal is approved, is five working days. More information can be obtained from the website or contact Caixa at 0800-726-0207. So far, Caixa has authorized the early withdrawal of the FGTS for 11 municipalities in Bahia and two in Minas Gerais affected by the rains. In Bahia, the measure also applies to residents of Canavieiras, Eunápolis, Gandu, Ilhéus, Itabuna, Itororó, Medeiros Neto, Mundo Novo, Prado and Teixeira de Freitas. In Minas Gerais, residents of Águas Formosas and Machacalis can withdraw the money.

Editing: Fabio Massalli

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