Flávio Dino: people have already been identified for vandalism in Brasilia

Flávio Dino: people have already been identified for vandalism in Brasilia

Senator-elect Flávio Dino (PSB-MA), former governor of Maranhão and future Minister of Justice in Lula’s government, said this Friday (16) that part of the demonstrators who participated in acts of vandalism in Brasilia were identified. The statement was given in São Luís during a press conference to announce new members of his team at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP).Flávio Dino: people have already been identified for vandalism in Brasilia

“Investigations into what happened in the country’s capital are ongoing. There are already identification of dozens of people who acted in those acts of terrorism, violence, intimidation, property damage and risk to people’s physical integrity”, said Dino. He assured that, even if any investigations do not progress this year, the investigation will continue with the new government.

The violent acts took place on Monday night (12), in the central region of the federal capital. Protesters who support President Jair Bolsonaro tried to invade the headquarters of the Federal Police (PF) after the arrest of the indigenous José Acácio Tserere Xavante, decreed by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes, and started a protest that resulted in the closure of the Northern Hotel Sector and part of the Monumental Axis. At least eight vehicles, including five buses, as well as private cars, were set on fire during the melee. Protesters also damaged the windows of other cars, broke public furniture and the windows of a Police Station. To date, no arrests have been made.


During the press conference, Flávio Dino announced new members of his team for key positions in the portfolio. To coordinate the National Program for Public Security with Citizenship (Pronasci), which was in force during Lula’s previous term and will be recreated, the lawyer Tamires Sampaio, linked to the PT, was called. Former federal deputy and former president of the Rio de Janeiro Bar Association (OAB-RJ), Wadih Damous (PT), will be the national consumer secretary and will coordinate the National Consumer System.

Professor and human rights lawyer Sheila de Carvalho, who was part of the transition team, will be a special advisor to the minister’s office with an emphasis on combating racism, and will also chair the National Committee for Refugees (Conare). Another name announced is that of lawyer Estela Aranha, who will coordinate an area of ​​digital rights that will be created at the ministry.

In addition to the new names, Flávio Dino had already appointed, last week, delegate Andrei Rodrigues, head of President-elect Lula’s security team, to the general directorate of the Federal Police. Journalist Ricardo Cappeli was announced this week as executive secretary of the MJSP, the second most important position in the ministry’s hierarchy. Cappelli was Secretary of Communication for the government of Maranhão under Flávio Dino and continued to serve as secretary in the state. The deputy executive secretary will be Diego Galdino, announced this Friday. Galdino was Chief of Staff, State Secretary for Culture and Tourism and State Secretary for the Environment, the three positions in the government of Maranhão. With the announcements, Dino informed that he has already filled about half of the positions considered the most strategic in the structure of the ministries, and that he expects to complete the assembly of the team until next week.

Check out the profile of the new names announced by Flávio Dino for the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, starting in January:

– Diego Galdino (Assistant Executive Secretary): Administrator and Bachelor of Laws. He worked for 8 years at Vale. In public management, he served in the Government of Maranhão as Deputy Secretary in the Secretary of State for Culture, as Secretary of Culture and Tourism, Secretary of State for the Government, Secretary of State for the Environment, and as head of the Civil House of the State. He was a member of the Superior Public Security Council of Maranhão and President of the Northeast International Tourism Consortium.

– Estela Aranha (coordinator for Digital Rights): Lawyer, specialist in regulation and digital law. President of the Special Commission for Data Protection of the Federal Council of OAB and OAB-RJ. Researcher at CEDIS-IDP. Member of the Committee of Jurists for the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in the Federal Senate.

– Tamires Sampaio (coordinator of the National Program for Public Security with Citizenship – Pronasci): Lawyer, Master in Political and Economic Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, researcher in the area of ​​public security, criminal policy and structural racism. Zoryan Institute Fellow in the Genocide and Human Rights University Program in 2019 at the University of Toronto, Canada. She was Assistant Secretary for Citizen Security in Diadema. She is Director of the Lula Institute and a black movement activist in the National Coordination of Black Entities (CONEN).

– Wadih Damous (National Consumer Secretary): Lawyer. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of UERJ. Master in Constitutional Law and State Theory from PUC/RJ. Author of the book Provisional Measures in Brazil, with Flávio Dino. He was President of OAB/RJ (2007/12); the Rio de Janeiro Truth Commission (2012/14); Federal Deputy PT/RJ (2015/18).

– Sheila de Carvalho (special advisor to the minister and president of the National Committee for Refugees – Conare): International Human Rights Lawyer. She was a Fellow of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Director of Political Advocacy at the Peregum Black Reference Institute. Specialist in strategic litigation in human rights and climate justice. She is a graduate professor of human rights. She is a member of Uneafro Brasil, Black Coalition for Rights and Prerogatives Group. Coordinator of the Institutional Violence Nucleus of the OAB/SP Human Rights Commission and of the Artigo 19 Legal Reference Center. She has acted as a lawyer for the main Brazilian and international human rights organizations. ABJD).

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