Firefighters controlled a fire in a building that is part of the Palacio de Hacienda

Firefighters controlled a fire in a building that is part of the Palacio de Hacienda

(Photo: Claudio Fanchi).

Firefighters from the City of Buenos Aires and the Federal Police controlled this Monday night a fire that broke out shortly after 7:00 p.m. in the building next to the Palacio de Hacienda, which also depends on the Ministry of Economy, and which did not cause damage. personal, police sources said.

Maximiliano Budinich, the City Firefighters officer in charge of the operation, told the media present, including Télam, that “The incident occurred on the eighth floor of the systems area of ​​the Ministry of Economy and was quickly controlled“.

He added that the building was “virtually empty” at time of firethat It affected an area of ​​about 24 square meters.

Once the fire was controlled, the fire personnel had to work “on the removal of masonry and the blackening of the walls”, while “there was damage to several electrical appliances on the floor”.

To control the fire, half a dozen fire trucks from the City Fire Department and the Special Federal Rescue Brigade (Befer) of the Federal Police worked on the spot.

Photo Claudio Fanchi
(Photo: Claudio Fanchi).

In addition, eight SAME ambulances were assigned, which were parked on Hipólito Irigoyen street.

Around 9:00 p.m., the City and PFA firefighters remained to extinguish “small outbreaks” and investigate the causes of the fire, according to the BA Emergencies account on the social network Twitter.

The incident did not cause personal injury, but A firefighter had to be transferred to the Argerich Hospital, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca, due to smoke inhalation.

The affected unit is located at Balcarce 184, and works in the building next to the Ministry, where the information technology areas of that portfolio, Economy sources informed Télam.

Photo Claudio Fanchi
(Photo: Claudio Fanchi).

According to people who were inside the Palace of the Treasury, the fire alarms did not sound, but the personnel who were in the offices were notified that they had to vacate.

Workers from the Ministry of Economy added that they felt “a strong smell of burning plastic, for which we were evacuated”

The exit took place in an orderly manner and without problems, the witnesses assured.

Likewise, personnel from the City Police carried out a perimeter operation to Casa Rosada and the Plaza de Mayo Subway station was also evacuated.

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