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Find out which countries require a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever

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The Ministry of Health reported that it is mandatory to carry this document to enter and exit the country. The requirement applies if the destination is Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, considered risk areas for this disease.

It is worth mentioning that the yellow fever vaccine is applied only once in a lifetime, so it does not require a booster dose every year.

The Ministry of Health stated that Any person who needs to leave the country to one of these risk areas (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela), must inevitably present the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever, at the time of purchasing the ticket or carrying out the migratory procedures.

In this sense, the health portfolio establishes the obligation to present the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever to enter and leave the country, of nationals and foreigners who move to or come from risk areas.


To have the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever, It is only required to present the vaccination card that accredits the application of the anti-yellow fever dose.

The Certificate is issued free of charge in any of the country’s regional hospitals and in health services, and is granted on the spot. It does not require a visa and is valid for life.

If you lose your vaccination cardno,

it is advisable to go to the vaccination center where you received the dose so that they issue you a new card, Or, go to the family doctor so that, by means of a certificate, he certifies that you already have the vaccine. The medical certificate must contain the signature and seal of the professional.


Since 2006, the yellow fever vaccine is included in the regular vaccination scheme. Since then, this vaccine is applied to all children at the age of 1 year.

The anti-yellow fever was applied massively in 2008, during the last outbreak of yellow fever registered in the country. On the occasion, 2,568,024 people were immunized with this vaccine, corresponding to the age group from 1 to 59 years.

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