Riot in Ciudad Juárez prison leaves 14 dead;  Prosecutor's Office: 24 inmates escaped

Riot in Ciudad Juárez prison leaves 14 dead; Prosecutor’s Office: 24 inmates escaped

In order to maintain order and control the situation, a strategic operation was implemented in which the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the State Public Security Secretariat, the State Investigation Agency, the Mexican Army and the National Guard participate, he explained.

“Meanwhile, a multidisciplinary team from the North Zone District Attorney’s Office carries out the ministerial proceedings, studies, analysis, interviews and evidence that allow establishing the manner, time and place of what happened, in order to elucidate the facts.”

According to the first inquiries, around 7:00 am on this Sunday, January 1, subjects with firearms and on board armored vehicles, arrived at the Penitentiary Center, where they shot at the security officers.

Minutes before what happened, an armed attack against elements of the municipal police was reported on Avenida Manuel Gómez Morín in Ciudad Juárez, in which, after a chase, four men were captured and a Ford truck was seized. Expedition.

Later, on Avenida Panamericana, preventive agents repelled the armed aggression of two crew members of a Hummer-type vehicle, who were shot down.

The Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office said that it maintains control and coordination with the three orders of government in order to provide security to citizens.

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