Find out the odds of winning the Mega-Sena

Find out the odds of winning the Mega-Sena

Mega-Sena values ​​in the millions are not restricted to the prize. They also extend to the field of probabilities. Whoever makes the minimum bet – of six numbers, worth R$ 4.50 –, for example, will have a chance in 50,063,860, to become a millionaire. This number drops to 7,151,980 in the case of a seven-number bet (BRL 31.50).

Whoever makes the maximum bet of 15 numbers – which costs R$ 22,522.50 – will have a chance in 10,003 of hitting the six numbers drawn.

According to statistics presented by Caixa, eight-number bets (R$ 126) represent a chance in 1,787,995. Bets with nine numbers come out at R$378 and represent a probability of 595,998.

Whoever bets ten numbers will pay for the bet R$ 945 and will have a chance in 238,399 to win the prize. The 11-number bet, which costs BRL 2,079.00, increases the chances of success to one in 108,363.

At a cost of R$4,158, the 12-number bets represent a chance in 54,182. Betting 13 numbers (R$7,722) increases the odds to one in 29,175; and betting 14 numbers (R$ 13,513.50) represents a possibility in 16,671.Find out the odds of winning the Mega-Sena

Latest draws

The last Mega-Sena contests have drawn attention for their accumulated prizes. This month, one of the prizes reached R$ 190 million, after accumulating through several contests. The next prize has already arrived with a high value, BRL 80 milliondrawn on the 23rd. It accumulated again until it reached BRL 110 millionwith a draw scheduled for today (30), at 20h.

The last Mega da Virada, which usually has expressive prizes, was R$ 378 million, in 2021. With 333 million betsthe collection reached more than R$ 1.5 billion.

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