Find out about other important news of this #6May

Find out about other important news of this #6May

Find out about other important news that you cannot stop reading and that mark the day of this Saturday, May 6, 2022

More than 20,000 people evacuated in Manipur due to ethnic violence

Some 20,000 people were evacuated to a camp guarded by the Army in the state of Manipur, northeast India, after the outbreak of ethnic violence between tribal and non-tribal groups that has shaken this region of the country.

In this remote state bordering Myanmar, looting and arson incidents have left at least 20 injured, including two local lawmakers.

The Internet service was suspended for five days in order, according to the authorities, to prevent social networks from being used to provoke disturbances.

Police chief P. Doungel told reporters in Imphal, the state capital, that “the situation is not completely under control, but it is gradually improving” adding that “more soldiers were being deployed to strengthen security ». The uniformed officer confirmed that three makeshift camps had been established to house and protect citizens.

They locate 10 Colombian migrants kidnapped in Mexico

10 migrants from Colombia who were kidnapped in the state of Sonora, northwestern Mexico, when they were about to cross into Arizona, United States, were located and released safely, state authorities reported this Friday.

The kidnapping of the Colombians occurred on the Sonoyta-San Luis Río Colorado highway, in Sonora, on May 2, when they were traveling to the United States to request asylum.

After his disappearance, security and ministerial agencies from Sonora began a search operation in the region, on the border with the United States, after the Colombian Consulate and the organization denounced the kidnapping at the request of one of the relatives of the 10 Colombians.

“This Friday, the ten migrants of Colombian nationality who had been reported missing, in San Luis Río Colorado, by their relatives, through the Colombian Consulate in Mexico, were located alive,” said the Government of Sonora through a message on social networks.

Russia hands over 45 Ukrainian military prisoners from Azovstal battle

Russia handed over to Ukraine 45 Ukrainian soldiers who were taken prisoner in the Azovstal battle during the siege of Mariupol in 2022, the country’s president, Volodimír Zelensky, reported this Saturday.

“Today, our team managed to bring back 45 of our warriors from Russian captivity. 42 Ukraine male defenders and 3 female defenders. They all defended Azovstal. National Guards. 35 privates and sergeants, 10 officers,” he stated.

Precisely three pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces who were imprisoned in Ukraine were returned to Russia today, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“As a result of a complex negotiation process, three Russian soldiers, pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces, who were in danger of death in captivity, were returned from territory controlled by the Kiev regime,” said the department headed by Sergei Shoigu.

Israel lives again another massive protest against judicial reform

Tens of thousands of Israelis came out to protest this Saturday night for the eighteenth consecutive week against the judicial reform promoted by the Government, an initiative that would undermine democracy in Israel and which was suspended in Parliament due to the deep social polarization it caused.

“For 18 weeks we have been fighting for the heart and soul of Israel, for its identity and values: a State of Israel that is both Jewish and democratic (…) with equal rights without differences based on religion, race or gender,” he said. Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livn taking part in the main march in Tel Aviv.

Between 100,000 and 150,000 protesters gathered in that city alone, according to Israeli media, but there were other marches in more than a hundred points in the country.

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu and its ultra-Orthodox partners and the Religious Zionism movement, the most right-wing in Israel’s history, announced in January a judicial reform that seeks to give the Executive almost total power over the committee that nominates judges.

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