“Finally they take that”: after two weeks of waiting, the toilet passed by Los Olivos de Miranda

Residents of the Plaza municipality of the Miranda state also celebrated the cleaning and weeding of drains that the government began on June 27

After two weeks of absence, finally, he spent the toilet removing the garbage from the community of Los Olivos, Barrio Zulia of the Plaza de Miranda municipality. Failures in garbage collection are a constant in several of the jurisdictions of the state that governs Hector Rodriguez (PSUV).

Mirian Román, a resident of Los Olivos, indicated that the accumulation of waste in the area is a “situation that is already recurring.”

“It’s always the same, too many days go by and then they have to make several trips to take everything with them,” said Rosa de González, who also lives in the area and is the mother of two children.

“Finally they take that away, because apart from the fact that it looks horrible, it brings bad smells and many flies,” he stressed.

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“Finally they take that”: after two weeks of waiting, the toilet passed by Los Olivos de Miranda

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Drain cleaning in Miranda

Another novelty in the municipality of Miranda, under the direction of Freddy Rodriguez (PSUV), was the weeding and cleaning of canals, in order to prevent flooding due to the arrival of the rains.

Inhabitants of the 27 de Febrero sector expressed their satisfaction because the government authorities carry out this work, which should be habitual and more so in the rainy season.

According to Maigualida Terán, a resident of the 27 de Febrero sector, former Doña Menca de Leoni Urbanization, since Monday, June 27, gangs of workers have been observed on Guarenas-Guatire Intercommunal Avenue and in the perimeter area of ​​Plaza Sucre, where they weed and clean the canals.

“We hope that these works serve to prevent flooding caused by the heavy rains that are falling in the area,” said neighbor Terán.

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