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Final of MasterChef: Maleja Restrepo took Tatán’s ‘lover’

Final of MasterChef: Maleja Restrepo took Tatán's 'lover'

This Sunday the long-awaited final of Master Chef Celebrity 2022 and this time they will be Tatan Mejia, Ramiro Meneses, Carlos Baez and Chicho who will face each other in a definitive challenge, for the title of the best chef in the most important kitchen in the world and a prize of 200 million pesos.

And as usual, the last episode of the season includes a reunion between all the participants who cooked in the reality showIn addition, the family and friends of each finalist attend the kitchen to support him in his final challenge.

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To warm up engines Maleja Restrepowife Tatan Mejiadecided to use their social networks to share a funny behind-the-scenes video that revealed everything that was happening, minutes before the recording of this season’s finale began. MasterChef.

In the images you can see how the presenter jokes with several of the celebrities who are present on the set, in fact, Restrepo came to talk with some of the people who work in the production of the popular cooking show on Canal RCN.

One of the funniest moments Maleja’s recording was when introduced her husband’s family and also revealed that until Tatán’s ‘lover’ decided to go cheer him on in his final challenge.

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After Maleja introduces all the people who will support Tatan Mejiain a mocking tone the presenter said that Variel Sanchez was her husband’s lover and that he was also there to accompany Mejía, who is a great friend of the actor.

As expected, the point of Maleja Restrepo unleashed laughter and seconds later caused Variel began to do a graceful dance.

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