Fight in MasterChef: Criticism of Isabella for rude discussion with Ramiro Meneses

Fight in MasterChef: Criticism of Isabella for rude discussion with Ramiro Meneses

It all started when the celebrities from Isabella’s team went to the pantry to choose the products they were going to cook. At that time, the captain was upset “because people did not wait to speak, but she began to take things.”

In addition, he said: “They didn’t even offer me the tuna, but they imposed it on me.” But the tension continued to rise when he had a difference with Ramiro Meneses, about the way they were going to cook the protein.

“You’re not getting that I’m the leader, but he wasn’t even looking at me. What do I do? He let the water flow, he let the water flow, until the stones arrive, ”added the actress.

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For his part, Ramiro tried to explain to him that the tuna should not be sealed and asked him to trust him. But the situation got worse when chef Jorge Raush approached the table and gave them some recommendations on cooking the product, which proved Ramiro right.

At that time Isabella denied having a different position on cooking and on the contrary, he said that it was what he tried to explain to the actor from the beginning, “but he did not listen.”

“One has to be very morbid to transform things in favor, luckily there are cameras,” said Ramiro with Isabella’s sudden change of opinion.

“No, you are not telling me that because you have not let me work, you are telling me the opposite (…) She is the captain and I pay attention, but I am not tolerant at all. I say things up front,” added the famous man.

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