María del Carmen Maldonado estuvo al frente del Consejo de la Judicatura tres años.

Fight for the presidency of the Council of the Judiciary

The National Court of Justice will send a short list with the names of its delegates so that one can be chosen by the Citizen Participation Council

The announcement of the resignation of Maria del Carmen Maldonado to the presidency of the Council of the Judiciary gsparked a debate on the path to be followed to elect his successor. This Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the National Court of Justice (CNJ) indicated that it will send a short list to choose the new head of the Judiciary.

Maldonado resigned in the morning from his position. He said that he did it after the decision of the Constitutional Court to limit the power to dictate the suspension measure against judicial officials and leave this power in the hands of the entire Judiciary.

“This, in my opinion, will definitely subtract immediacy and sensitivity in decision making”, said Maldonado, who spent three years in office. Now the question arises as to who will take ownership of the body.

The doubt grows because the Temporary Citizen Participation Council (Cpccs-T) led by Julio César Trujillo, placed Dr. Álvaro Román as Maldonado’s substitute. However, Román was a representative of the Prosecutor’s Office and not of the National Court of Justice (CNJ).

The Constitution, in its Article 179, indicates that the CJ must be chaired by the representative of the National Court. For this reason, the president of the high court, Iván Saquicela, held a press conference this Wednesday, February 2, indicated that they will send a short list to the current Citizen Participation Council and Social Control to elect Maldonado’s successor.

“As soon as possible we We will send the short list so that the new delegate can be designated of the Court. There are legal paths that we will make them respect, “said Saquicela.

For their part, members of the Citizen Participation Council already anticipate that the decisions made by the transitory are shielded by the Constitutional Court; that is to say, that who serves as the current substitute for Maldonado, Álvaro Román, whoever assumes the presidency of the Judiciary. (PD)

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