FGV: rents were 0.36% cheaper in November

FGV: rents were 0.36% cheaper in November

The Residential Rent Change Index (Ivar) fell by 0.36% in November, after rising by 0.10% in the previous month. With that, the accumulated rate in 12 months decelerated from 11.56% in October to 10.28%. The data was released today (7) by the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/Ibre).FGV: rents were 0.36% cheaper in November

According to the survey, in the passage of October for November, there was decrease in the cities of São Paulo (from -0.69% to -0.32%), Belo Horizonte (from 0.86% to -1.21%) and Porto Alegre (from 1.10% to -1.13%). Among the surveyed cities, the only one that registered an increase was Rio of Januarywhere Ivar jumped from 0.04% to 1.55%.

In comparison with November of last year, there was deceleration in the index accumulated in 12 months in Porto Alegre (from 10.33% to 8.79%), Belo Horizonte (15.66% to 13.13%) and São Paulo (from 10.68% to 9.48%). In the river of January the interannual rate accelerated from 12.07% to 12.16%.

According to FGV/Ibre, Ivar measures the monthly evolution of residential rent values ​​in the real estate market in Brazil, based on four of the main Brazilian capitals.

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