FGTS Council increases Casa Verde and Yellow values ​​by 5%

FGTS Council increases Casa Verde and Yellow values ​​by 5%

The Board of Trustees of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) increased by 5% the minimum values ​​for the sale and financing of properties through the Casa Verde e Amarela program, with the exception of Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In these locations, the current program boundaries were maintained. There was also no change in the maximum limits of properties for popular housing.FGTS Council increases Casa Verde and Yellow values ​​by 5%

In an extraordinary meeting this Friday (16), the council extended, for six months, the current interest rates charged for group 3 of Casa Verde e Amarela and the Pró-Quotistas line. The interest charged from these publics, between 7.66% to 8.16% per year, will be valid until June 30, 2023.

Group 3 of Casa Verde e Amarela benefits borrowers who earn between R$4,400 and R$8,000 per month, the highest income bracket in the program. The Pró-Cotista grants financing with FGTS resources to those who do not have access to Casa Verde e Amarela.

The measures were proposed by the Ministry of Regional Development under the justification that one third of the properties built for the Casa Verde e Amarela public had to be destined for other publics because of difficulties in commercialization, mainly outside the Brasília, Rio and São Paulo axis. . The folder’s representative, counselor Helder Lopez Cunha Silva, recognized that the change needed to be more structural.

The only councilor who did not vote in favor of the change was the representative of the National Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism, Abelardo Diz. According to him, the changes do not reach the proposed objectives.

The 5% increase in property values ​​covers less than half of the variation in the National Construction Cost Index (INCC), which accumulated 11% in the last 15 months, when there was the last update of housing values ​​financed via FGTS.

* Collaborated with Lucas Pordeus Leon from Rádio Nacional

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