Amnesty International will “monitor” the new constituent process in Chile

Amnesty International (AI) said this Friday that, after the agreement reached on Monday by the parties to continue with the constituent process in Chile, “it will be alert” to the constitutional reform that must be carried out, which “must not contradict no way” the fundamental principles of human rights.

In a statement, the organization maintained that it “will take on a role of surveillance and advocacy to ensure that the constitutional text places human rights at the center.”

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He added that it is “fundamental that the constituent process be transparent, inclusive, participatory and always facing the public”, for which reason he will be “vigilant regarding the implementation of the agreement.”

The NGO said that “a priori this new process is seen as less participatory according to its characteristics of composition and the reduced time it has for the elaboration of the constitutional text.”

For Al, “it is relevant” that the characteristics and requirements that the members of the Committee of experts must meet are specified “in detail” and that the mechanism for their appointment be clarified.

According to the agreement reached between the majority of the political forces of the ruling party and the opposition, the experts will be appointed by Congress (12 by the Senate and 12 by the Chamber of Deputies) and will prepare a preliminary draft that will serve as the basis for the Constitutional Council, made up of by 50 people elected by the citizens, who will draw up the proposal for the Fundamental Law.

“It is important to ensure that those who participate in the constituent process are representative of the country’s diversity and act impartially at all times,” the organization said.

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