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Fewer people are reported on the second day of the march; Evo says that “later” they will give the number

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 Fewer people are reported on the second day of the march;  Evo says that "later" they will give the number

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On its second day, the march of social sectors related to the MAS that are mobilizing “in defense of democracy” started this Wednesday from the town of Konani with a small number of people, as seen in videos of the place. Former President Evo Morales He avoided giving the number of protesters accompanying him.

“Later we will say how many (they are in the march), but we started with 4,000 or 5,000, the first day it is always difficult to organize and we are already organized,” Morales told Abya Yala, from the town located in the municipality of Sica Sica, a 85 kilometers from Oruro and 144 from La Paz.

This morning a video circulated in which it is seen that a caravan of vehicles – including wagons, minibuses and a bus – accompanying the marchers, in a much smaller quantity than was seen in the act of departure.

The 27-second sequence shows at least a dozen of the vehicles parked between the one-way lane of the La Paz-Oruro highway.

Later, some white wagons can be seen among the protesters, on the return lane to La Paz.

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The demonstration plans to reach the town of La Huachaca in the afternoon, according to the MAS leader.

“We will be (arriving) at 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. to La Huachaca,” Morales declared this morning.

From his Facebook page, the MAS chief said that the protest heading to La Paz is a “clear message to the antipatriates” and that each of the members of the mobilization “represents the strength” of Bolivia. He accompanied his message with a photo of the massive game yesterday and some shots of today, but no longer panoramic.

One of the photos that Morales shared, with the shot closed.

“Our great struggles are for the dignity, sovereignty and unity of our people. The #MarchaPorLaPatria is a clear message for the antipatriates: The coup will not pass. Each sister and brother who marches towards #LaPaz represents the strength of #Bolivia. United we are invincible ”, published the ex-president.

Officials identified at the inauguration of the march

The march was inaugurated on Tuesday in the town of Caracollo, Oruro, and was attended by President Luis Arce, Vice President David Choquehuanca, the MAS leader himself, and senior government officials.

However, in broadcasts of the event on Facebook, it was possible to evidence the presence of officials from state companies such as Yacimientos Petrolifos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), according to a note from the Fides News Agency, replicated by El Potosí.

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The march started after 10:00 yesterday; Agglomerations of people who were not wearing chinstraps could be seen, despite the security measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Already this Wednesday the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, who is also part of the mobilization, reported that vaccination points were installed throughout the march.

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