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Festival and concert ticket sales up 150% by 2023

Festival and concert ticket sales up 150% by 2023

2022 was consolidated as the year of economic recovery and, in turn, the period when important artists, events and festivals had the country as their headquarters. Bad Bunny, The Killers, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Daddy Yankee and more hit the Colombian stages. Even with several presentation dates.

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However, just as there was a boom in entertainment activities, there were also complaints from attendees due to serious logistical problems and to the high ticket costs that were recorded last year.

And the high prices, at least for now and in the case of some events that have already been made public, will continue in 2023.

In March 2023, the Circus of the Sun with a show that will be available at Parque Salitre Mágico, in Bogotá. It is not the first time that the show lands in Colombia.

For 2018, he arrived in the country from October 25 to December 16. At that time, the pre-sale ticket office had a cost of: $651,500 for VIP, 240,000 for Level C, $203,500 for Level D and $172,500 for E.

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A year ago, In 2017, from September 3 to 23, the show arrived with a tribute to Soda Estéreo. The sale to the general public had prices from $140,000 to $560,000.

For this year, the price of the Cirque du Soleil will be 729,000 for the VIP Experience, while Level C will cost $243,000. This means that from 2018 to the current year, tickets for the VIP area rose 11.89%.

Circus of the Sun

Cirque du Soleil. ocesa colombia

Now, as for the Baum Festival, for the event that took place in May 2019, the general ‘early birds’ stage had a value of 85,000 pesos without service. The general sale cost 99,000 without service and the VIP 199,000 without service.

Later, for 2022, a two-day combo was 290,000 pesos without including the service. By stages, the VIP stage 1 was 249,000 pesos without service. The general in stage 1 cost 149,000 pesos without service. And the general ‘early birds’ was 114,000 without service.

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This year, which will take held in Corferias, on May 20 and 21, the VIP combo in stage 1 has a price of 599,000 pesos and the general in stage 1, 375,000 pesos. This implies that from 2019 to 2023 the VIP in stage 1 increased in price by 201% and the general had a rise of 278%.

If you compare the prices from one year to another, from 2022 to 2023, in the VIP section stage 1 the increase is 140% and in general stage 1 151%.

For its part, another of the events that returns this year is the Picnic Stereo Festival. With a novelty: the price per day already exceeds 400,000 pesos.

For the one that was made in 2022, the 3-day VIP combo had a value of 1,690,000 pesos without service. And the general 3-day combo in stage 1 was priced at 755,000 without service.

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This year there are several combos. The 3-day VIP for a value of 2,533,000, and the 4-day VIP for 3,181,000. However, the general 3-day combo in stage 1 is 1,178,000 and the 4-day combo in the same stage is 1,413,000 pesos.

In this sense, from one year to the next, in the 3-day VIP combo the increase was 49.88% and the overall 3 day combo on stage 1 the increase was 56%.

Picnic Stereo Festival

Sebastián López / EL TIEMPO

According to Dane, the behavior of the live concert sector in Bogotá, since 2017 had been reporting increases in its production.

That’s how I got in 2017 and 2018 there was an increase of 32%, from 2018 to 2019 34%, while in 2020 a drop of 79% was reported.

On the other hand, although there are businessmen who welcome the reactivation of the sector, they have also stated that with the high volatility of the US dollar they have had to adjust costs.


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