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The Oscar table is served

MIAMI, United States. – The nominations for the ninety-fifth installment of the coveted Oscars and Awards have just been announced. Cuban Ana de Armas is in the relevant category of “Best Leading Actress” for his performance in the controversial film Blondewhere he plays one of the great myths of American society, Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde is directed by Andrew Dominik based on the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates.

It is about a Monroe where shocking circumstances come together: dysfunctional childhood, impossibility of procreating, misunderstanding in love, desire to be taken seriously as an actress, as well as an untimely death.

De Armas reproduces and succeeds in such challenges and now she has just placed herself in unsuspected cinematographic royalty.

There is a consensus in considering that the nominations are usually prizes in the case of the Oscars; and nothing more accurate for an actress of Cuban origin, who first had to deal with the dilapidated national industry, then find a way to escape without dissenting from the regime, to later discover in the Spanish market that her aspirations were encrypted. really in the powerful American cinema.

But first she had to overcome the language barrier so as not to be stereotyped with ethnic characters, as is often the case with other artists of Hispanic origin, although The New York Times He described her in his comment as one of the “colored” artists nominated.

During the last Golden Globes awards ceremony, De Armas had the luxury of tangentially mentioning her origin by reminding the intoxicated public present that she began to be interested in cinema by watching Cuban films, before enjoying the vast filmography of those summoned there. .

With this nomination, Ana de Armas stands as an exception in the competitive universe of international cinema that continues to be led by Hollywood.

The chorus of the Cuban dictatorship have only been interested in the Oscars when they have been able to get some propaganda dividend, as happened with the nomination of Strawberry and Chocolate among the best foreign films of 1994. From that moment it is rumored that Tomás Gutiérrez Alea had a speech prepared where he referred, among other matters, to the need to end the United States embargo on Cuba.

Everything seems to indicate that the great Argentine cinematography is heading for its third Oscar award, if the film Argentina 1985by director Santiago Mitre, will win the statuette on March 12.

Previously, The official story (1985), by Luis Puenzo, and The Secret in Their Eyes (2009), directed by Juan José Campanella, were awarded.

Argentina 1985 was presented at the most recent Havana Film Festival, as if it were not alluding to the fact that totalitarian regimes must end and dictators answer to justice for their crimes.

It is political cinema that does not decline, where there is a plausible recreation of the historical context, but the plot works dramaturgically from the individual, his calamities and insecurities.

It is satisfying to see that politically incorrect films, in an oppressive universe of caution, suspicion, threats and cancellations in the cultural arena of the United States, make their way among the best, along with their respective directors, also nominated, as is the case with TÁRby Todd Field, and Triangle of Sadnessby Ruben Östlund.

Of course, the Academy will be challenged by anonymous parties on social media because only one black artist made it to the nomination, Angela Bassett, for her trivial superheroine in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever while other favourites, driven by inclusion policies, such as The Woman King Y till they lagged behind.

Perhaps the Academy considered that all artists of Asian origin nominated for Everything Everywhere All At Once they covered the processed demands of that highly conflicting section.

The soulless movie Steven Spielberg should not be on the top 10 list and the award for The Banshees of Inisherinin this category, would be the fair recognition of a less pretentious, more emotional and better acted cinema.

It is striking that the impeccable pacifist tape All Quiet on the Western Front it is listed both in the top 10 and in the international film category.

Austin Butler and his uninhibited interpretation of Elvis Presley will have to do with Colin Farrell, the islander who does not accept an unexpected annulment of friendship in The Banshees of Inisherin.

Cate Blanchett, who should have no competition in her portrayal of complex symphony conductor Lydia Tár, will be challenged by Michelle Yeoh in a film without fixity, distinguished by her formal bidding and murumacas.

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