Fernando Pereira: “We came to listen and receive proposals”

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, spoke at a press conference, after meeting in San José de Mayo, with the working group of One Uruguay. He indicated that “the Broad Front listens to you, it is the demonstration that we are going to speak with the whole of society, with those who have close positions and with those who have more distant thoughts,” he began by stating.

He noted that this exercise “involves modestly listening to the productive and social proposals, analyzing them collectively and then giving answers. We are going to meet with Un Solo Uruguay, about four times. In those meetings we are going to make the returns that have been made to us ».

“These are proposals that have to do with productive Uruguay, the dairy and agricultural sectors, among others. A political party that aspires to be a government must have answers. Today we came to listen and receive different proposals».

He stressed that the Broad Front “comes from far away, has 51 years of history and has governed the national government for 15 years,” likewise “has left very high figures. We have transformed health, the tax system, we were able to create salary councils, after they were suspended in 1992, the real salary of workers was improved, poverty was lowered from 40 to 9%, and that is something indisputable”.

Something in the must held Pereira

«There may be things that were left in the pipeline, we did not come to gather votes, we came to gather knowledge, to build an alternative to a model that is failing and that has an emergency in terms of security and economy on its hands. So when a country has two such important emergencies, there has to be hope that beats fear and beats the impossibility that Uruguay cannot develop”, he continued.

broken trust

“We have formally transmitted to Un Solo Uruguay that history cannot be changed, but the future and the links can. Everything depends on both parties, we want to modify, but it depends on both. I do not prejudge a single Uruguay. No one is asked to vote here, we ask for opinions.” Regarding the possibility of the birth of Un Solo Uruguay as a political party, he maintained that »this is a decision that they will make freely and sovereignly. We neither ask nor give an opinion. We are only clear that a strong democracy is built on the basis of strong parties and strong social organizations. All parties have to respect each other, “concluded Pereira.

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