Fernando Pereira: The "Yes" is about to win the referendum

Fernando Pereira: The “Yes” is about to win the referendum

President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.
President of the FA, Fernando Pereira.

After an act of “Yes” in Canelones, Pereira was asked about his opinion on the polls, which give “No” slightly above “Yes”, although with a high percentage of undecided.

“We are about to win. My survey shows that, out of ten households where I knock on the door, eight receive me with a position to think, meditate and decide outside of the parties, and that indicates to me that we are building a new majority,” Pereira stressed.

He added that, later, the absolute truth will be on Sunday, March 27, when the referendum is held.

“If we had paid attention to the polls, we would not have gathered the 800,000 signatures that enabled the popular call,” recalled the former union leader.

He clarified that he was not accusing the pollsters of photographing something that is not real, but that this is a photo for a week and then political life systematically changes the photo.


On the other hand, Pereira said that he has proposed to discuss the 135 questioned articles of the LUC with the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, but he has not accepted.

“If you are willing to debate, we are delighted,” he said.

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