Fernando Orihuela asked that the participation of journalists in the transfer process be limited

Fernando Orihuela asked that the participation of journalists in the transfer process be limited

Member of the position transfer commission of the Regional Government of Junín (GRJ) to ask that it be limited to the press that will cover the transfer event.

“He (Fernando Orihuela) at the beginning has been asking us to limit the participation of the press. He has not wanted journalists to participate in the main acts of the transfer process and we have refused this situation because it would restrict press freedom and that is an action that borders on constitutional rights, ”he denounced before Peru21.

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Jhon Pineda, a member of the working group, also said that he is accusing the outgoing government of Peru Libre for the disappearance of eight heavy machinery, the irresponsible provision of fuel to disused vehicles, the attempted disappearance of 200 filing cabinets with important information on works in Junín, among other irregularities that have been evidenced in the last few hours.

Pineda has also reported that they detected the total destruction of documents that are in two sacks, which makes him presume that irregularities had occurred during the administration of Peru Libre. “We found them (the workers and officials) very hastily removing the filing cabinets that have information on projects such as the Los Comuneros bridge, Health Centers, among others, and that is why we communicated to the prosecutor’s office so that they intervene and that is what happened,” he said.

On the other hand, he maintains that the various irregularities that Vladimir Cerrón’s party would be leaving behind would have motivated Governor Fernando Orihuela to try to agree with the transfer commission of Zósimo Cárdenas requesting the restriction of some journalists. “He (Fernando Orihuela) has taken journalists and the media that are related to this government (Peru Libre), but we are making the respective complaints,” he said.

In the last few hours, the Crime Prevention, Criminal and Anti-Corruption Prosecutors broke into the main headquarters of the GRJ to gather information and guarantee the questionable transfer process. “The current governor Zósimo Cárdenas has arranged for all members of the transfer commissions to accompany their complaints with evidence and to immediately report any irregularities to the different competent authorities such as the Public Ministry and the Comptroller’s Office,” he concluded.


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