Brother-in-law of Mario Abdo commands tightening in MOPC

Brother-in-law of Mario Abdo commands tightening in MOPC

The businessman César Martínez Telléz shared recordings in which Adalberto Meza, brother-in-law of the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, is linked to the head of a usurpation scheme in the public transport business with the endorsement of deputy ministers and Arnoldo Wiens himself to favor the allies of the ruling party to the detriment of the service for the population.

The audios -recorded within the framework of a public hearing- reveal that the then Vice Minister of Transportation, Pedro Britos, gave instructions to business owners so that they can operate under the administration and directive of Adalberto Meza, to whom the income is directed and administration of transport units, something “unheard of”, described Martínez Téllez.

After this step, the businessman informed Wiens that his then vice minister was addressing the business owners with the brother-in-law of President Abdo Benítez. Wiens failed to take action. “Of course, he would not hit the mark, since the order came from above, in this case, apparently from the Executive’s own number one,” he added.

This conditioning was given to allow the companies to operate if they did not want to be victims of persecution and violent dispossession of the units to be directed to the “corralón”.

Once the non-aligned companies bled dry, they led to the total bankruptcy of the aforementioned companies, which is why they stopped operating and handed over the concession of the route to the favorite company of the current administration, that of the multiple fires (Lince 26) that does not cover the itineraries.

“Once led to total default by the Abdo family, enjoying the approval and protection of today’s pro-government presidential candidate, leaving aside the collection of transportation tickets to go to the sponsorship of public works awards,” he shot.


Efficient transportation lines went to a resounding demise after a subsidy scheme under the administration of Arnoldo Wiens in Public Works. This has been causing a real disaster for public transport users who were left without buses or have to wait for hours in various dangerous areas of Greater Asunción, exposing themselves to the prevailing insecurity.

Today the Central department is in the midst of chaos because the transport lines that were once efficient were absorbed by a hoarding scheme for line concessions to set aside competitiveness in exchange for the perk that means the monthly payment of multimillionaires. subsidies that end up financing electoral campaigns to continue protecting this harmful scheme for the economy of families who in turn must look for their own transportation alternatives and worse must pay the subsidy of real fortunes to companies that do not provide the service, said César in this regard Martínez Telléz, one of the businessmen affected by the tightening scheme of the Vice Ministry of Transportation, dependent on the MOPC.

Distortion and unfair competition in this market has gained muscle since the former President of the Republic, Fernando Lugo created the subsidy, then the scheme was perfected.

What was generated with this is a scheme of unscrupulous companies for which it is more attractive to have groups appear on the payroll instead of providing the service to the public with the alleged complicity of the regulatory authorities.

“What happens is that the companies began to stop covering the frequency and make the market less competitive since they receive the subsidy,” the businessman said in this regard.

In fact, we verified complaints and more complaints at bus stops from users who personally feel having to wait long periods of time to return home, especially on weekends or after 9:00 p.m.

«35 minutes ago I have been waiting for my bus, for months there have been less; On top of that, I’m tired and I want to go home,” said Aparicio Toledo, who was waiting for his transportation in the downtown area of ​​Asunción to Ñemby.

Many times I have to pay bolt or uber to get to work on time and avoid being discounted, commented Graciela Pereira, whose daily commute is Fernando de la Mora-Sajonia.


Always according to Martínez, some friendly businessmen received rude favors from the Wiens administration and even close relatives of the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, entered the concessions.

One of the beneficiaries would be Esteban Dávalos, from line 26 and who was a candidate for the ruling party for deputy for Central.

Regarding Wiens, Martinez shot: “The well-being of the most vulnerable people is not concerned and the transport services are in total debacle and abandonment.”

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