Fernando Lugo Méndez overcame a delicate surgery

Fernando Lugo Méndez overcame a delicate surgery

The former president of the Republic, Fernando Lugo, underwent surgery this morning and must wait about five days before giving a prognosis on the senator’s state of health.

Senator Esperanza Martínez pointed out that yesterday they were supporting the family pending the medical evolution. “It is the most important thing, we will wait during the day to monitor the post-surgical evolution. As it is an acute, unforeseen case, we focus on supporting the entire treatment process, accompanying family members and keeping an eye on the evolution»

“I think the priority is the health situation of Senator Fernando Lugo. On Tuesday we had agreed on a meeting with him and we passed that meeting to conclude with other issues for Friday at 3:00 p.m. Tomorrow we are going to continue with the political evaluation on the National Coordination”, mentioned the senator at 730 am.

Regarding the list of candidates, he stated that at some point it will have to be evaluated. “It seems to me that we are at a critical moment for the definition of Fernando Lugo’s health, the family is very aware of this. I would pray that we can have a public dialogue thinking that the former president can recover. let’s think of a positive outcome that allows the partial or total recovery of Fernando Lugo»

«It must be recognized that the Guasu-Ñemongeta Front is a political and social construction in which there are many leaders, even anonymous, but it is a political force of social action. The Guasu Front is the symbol of the resistance of the popular struggle that will continue to have faces throughout history. It has a great leader like Fernando Lugo but it also includes the struggle and militancy of many people », he remarked.

According to Esperanza Martínez, the Senate will communicate about Lugo’s health situation, who in Colombia has already shown signs of discomfort. “On the day of Gustavo Petro’s assumption of command, we were there from noon to 7:00 p.m. He asked me to go down to a normal area at sea level, he had to participate in a panel but he said that he no longer wanted to, that he wanted to return ».

Senator Esperanza Martínez, a doctor by profession, reported that her colleague underwent surgery for about four hours, during the early hours of the morning. She “was to drain a hematoma and blood that she had cauterized in the vessels. She had an aneurysm, a malformation that is what bled. They left him some catheters for the bleeding.”

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