Aníbal Torres: "They have realized that the president does not have much money for his defense"

Aníbal Torres: “They have realized that the president does not have much money for his defense”

The President of the Council of Ministers, said that the prosecution opens new investigations against Pedro Castillo because they have realized that he does not have much money to pay different lawyers for each different case.

In statements to TV Peru this Saturday, August 13, the prime minister assured that the head of state is willing to collaborate with the justice system, but questioned whether new investigations would be opened, as happened recently when a new case was started that has become the sixth investigation against Castillo Terrones.

“The president is going to collaborate, but open investigations for inconsequential things, such as the case of the former Minister of the Interior?”questioned in reference to the investigation for alleged cover-up that is based on the accusations made by Mariano González.

Interview with Anibal Torres

“They have realized, and I am going to reveal it, it is the truth. They are aware that the president does not have a lot of money to defend him and open several cases, he has to hire a lawyer or several lawyers to see them “he added.

Aníbal Torres said that there are investigations in the Public Ministry that could accumulate because they deal with the same facts.

“The truth is that, you cannot pay many lawyers for your defense and the lawyers can even retire for a small payment, because the lawyer lives from his work”he insisted.

It should be remembered that this August 10, Benji Espinoza, one of Pedro Castillo’s lawyers, reported that he had resigned from being the legal defense of the president and the first lady, Lilia Paredes. That same night, he backtracked and confirmed that he would continue to be the presidential couple’s lawyer.

The prime minister asserted that Castillo will continue to collaborate but making use of his right to defend himself “like any citizen”which includes asking him to testify from the Government Palace or making use of his right to remain silent.


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