Fernando Aramburú Porras on a single table: ‘Suntracs and other groups want to get their political platforms’

The former Minister of Finance and former president of Apede, Fernando Aramburú Porras, described as unfortunate that the private sector has not been able to join the second phase of the single dialogue table, which was resumed on Wednesday, since it would have enriched the discussion.

According to Aramburú Porras, this action shows that the groups that are sitting, such as Suntracs, seem to control the situation and it seems that they do not want to have the private sector to avoid other opinions that shed light on the country’s problems.

“They want to achieve their immediate objectives, which are a political platform, especially the Suntracs and Frenadeso group, it is a political platform,” he specified.

He mentioned that the subsidies that are being approved will sooner or later be paid by Panamanians, which amount to between $70 and $80 million per month. “This will be more debt, there is no money and the government will have to borrow at higher interest rates,” he said.

He stressed that all this is a “fallacy” and are short-term profits, the desire to impress the population and win political platforms, introduce foreign ideologies that are foreign to our country.

He argued that the Government has been cornered and weakened, “it has not known how to deal with this in a firm way, it sat down at the table, accepted the rules and as a consequence it has had to give in, practically to all the requests of these groups. “.

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