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Fentanyl Case: The director of the CSS must resign, says Lombana

Judith Pena | March 22, 2023

After the theft of fentanyl from the facilities of the Social Security Fund was registered, the president of the Otro Camino Panamá party, Ricardo Lombana, requested the resignation or immediate removal of the entity’s director Enrique Lau Cortés.

“The Social Security Fund, through its board of directors, should have requested the resignation or removal of the director of the CSS Enrique Lau a while ago,” he said and said that if the director does not resign or is not removed from the institution, the Board Board will be complicit in their actions.

“As a citizen who represents an important group of Panamanians who follow this movement and follow the position, the vision that we have for the country, we request the resignation or removal of director Enrique Lau,” he specified.

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