Femicide: he bought materials in his brother's name to bury his partner in the back of his house

Femicide: he bought materials in his brother’s name to bury his partner in the back of his house

Despite the fact that there were no complaints filed, those close to the 28-year-old victim declared in the Prosecutor’s Office that there was a history of physical and psychological violence by the person accused of his murder. According to the record of the formalization hearing to which he agreed The Observerthe crime occurred between the night of July 6 and the early morning of July 7 in the Reducto neighborhood.

The victim and the defendant had a sentimental relationship for a year and that night “an incident occurred” whereby the man began to beat the woman, whom he ended up suffocating with a noose around the neck. She tried to defend herself against her, clawing at the assailant.

Prosecutors indicated that on the morning of the 8th, the defendant went to a hardware store and bought sand, portland, gravel and lime in the name of his brother. For this reason, the defendant’s brother was detained, although he was later released. In any case, they clarified that this does not mean that a possible participation will not continue to be investigated.

As a result of that purchase, the prosecutor’s office suspects that the attacker wanted to bury the victim’s body in his patio, a fact reported by Telemundo.

He was charged with homicide, especially aggravated for being a femicide, and will be in preventive custody until December 22, 2023 while the investigation continues.

His lawyer, public defender Jennifer Saavedra, requested that psychiatrists from the Vilardebó Hospital assess the state of his client, who repeatedly expressed his desire to commit suicide.

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