FANB maintains deployment to locate and disable clandestine airstrips

FANB maintains deployment to locate and disable clandestine airstrips

The Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez, informed that the Combat Rapid Reaction Units (URRA) of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zones of the states of Falcón, Zulia and Lara, are mobilized to detect and disable clandestine tracks.

This was announced this Tuesday by Hernández Lárez, through his Twitter account, in which he published “FANB maintains a strategic deployment with the combat URRA made up of infantry units, combat sappers and explosives personnel from the ZODI of Falcón, Zulia and Lara in the search, location and destruction and disabling of clandestine clues”.

In the same tweet, he points out that the aforementioned tracks “are built outside the law by groups associated with Armed Terrorists Drug Traffickers from Colombia (Tancol), in order to use Venezuelan soil to extract drugs from Colombia to different Central American countries.”

“The Bolivarian Shield of the Homeland remains permanently activated in the protection of national sovereignty,” said the head of Ceofanb.

The destruction of clandestine airstrips seeks to eliminate the presence of Tancol groups in the national territory, which they intend to use for illegal activities.

In the intense operations of the FANB, its officials have managed to eliminate sentry boxes, motorcycles, war ammunition, weapons and fuel used by the Tancol groups for their criminal actions.

Likewise, one of the tasks of the FANB is to disable clandestine aircraft. On July 1st, one of them was disabled, which was detected by radar near the Encontrados sector in the state Zulia. The clandestine aircraft was the 35th disabled by the FANB so far this year and the 358th since 2012.

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