Félix Maradiaga denounces defamation attack by propagandist William Grigsby

The former politician and presidential hopeful Felix Maradiaga denounced the recent attack by the propagandist william grigsby against him and other former political exiles in the United States.

“Mr Grigsby is using his old method of pointing the guns at those people the regime considers their greatest nuisance,” he told Article 66 the political scientist

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He pointed out that, through the “Sin Fronteras” program, the director of Radio La Primerísima made “a series of attacks, lies and slander, specifically focused on Juan Sebastian Chamorro, me and our wives; that in our absence they managed to implement an international campaign for the freedom of political prisoners, not just us,” said the opponent.

Maradiaga’s accusations come after Grigsby accused him of mismanagement at the extinct Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policies (IEEP); while of Juan Sebastián Chamorro, he said that he received federal funds; He also accused his wife, Víctoria Cárdenas, of paying more than 30,000 dollars to obtain his freedom.

“That is why I have said that when I hear this type of attack, directed and designed from El Carmen —address of the house of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo— I take it as an indicator that we are doing things right because we are hitting the dictatorship where it hurts more,” added Maradiaga.

He stressed that “if the dictatorship believes that with these smear campaigns they will stop us, they will not succeed, for this reason I have said that Ortega has sent instructions to his digital mobs to attack specific groups of opponents.”

Félix Maradiaga denounces defamation attack by propagandist William Grigsby
Félix Maradiaga denounces defamation attack by propagandist William Grigsby

Through his Twitter account, Maradiaga asserted that the action by the Ortega regime “is the old recipe for dictatorships: Destroy the credibility of any group or person they consider a danger to their continuity. Tyrannies enjoy the absence of opposition voices that have the capacity to be heard in the world.

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He stressed that “the well-known strategy of dictators is to imprison, kill or exile their opponents, betting that we get tired of these attacks and take refuge in a private and quiet life. That would be the easy path, but it is not the path that those of us who have decided to fight civically, without rest, have taken until Ortega and his leadership are overthrown.

It is not the first time that the Sandinista william grigsby He is accused of attacking opponents, priests and journalists. On repeated occasions he has railed against all voices critical of the Ortega dictatorship.

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