Federation of Public Health Officials denounced that ASSE terminated 1,600 Covid plan contracts

Federation of Public Health Officials denounced that ASSE terminated 1,600 Covid plan contracts


Public health workers denounce that ASSE “abruptly ceased 1,600 Covid Plan contracts, which were performing functions within the structure in care centers throughout the country.”

The union expressed concern not only about the fact that 1,600 people will be left without work, but also that thousands of users will be left without proper attention, since entire services are sustained thanks to said plan.

Abuses and dismissals

The FFSP expressed its rejection of this type of “outrages and dismissals” taking into account that they were the ones who reinforced the first line of care in the midst of a pandemic by performing the most difficult tasks, such as: “attending the emergency doors, swabs, Covid rooms, CTI, among others.

“Decisions of this type and magnitude must have another type of prior analysis and not a decision in such an untimely manner and without prior notice, since it was communicated this Thursday, March 31, starting at 4:00 p.m., when many of the workers They entered at 00:00 hours. This only aggravates the complex situation that we have for personnel in some centers, in addition to deserving a more humane and grateful treatment than this rudeness that they are being given, out of respect for the task we carry out and the commitment that these colleagues have in carrying out tasks. so complex,” the union said.

For the FFSP, these cuts in health “can only bring more deterioration in the quality of care in very sensitive areas, in addition to greater wear and tear on the health team, which is already very resented.”

They stated that health workers “do not have a contingency plan to be able to provide care to patients, because many services depend on these contracts that are ending.”

From the FFSP they consider that ASSE must provide the best service to its users and reject the position that low-income people are served in the administration and the rest in the private subsector. “Our users must have quality care.”

For this reason, they requested an urgent meeting of the ASSE Board.

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