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Federal Police arrest suspect for participation in coup acts

PF investigates group that extracted 300kg of gold in indigenous lands

Federal Police (PF) agents arrested this Thursday morning (23) another person investigated for his participation in the coup acts that took place on January 8, in Brasília, when the Planalto Palace, National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court were invaded by individuals who promoted violence and generalized damage against the properties, furniture and objects of those institutions.

The preventive arrest warrant was served at an address in Riacho Fundo, a city in the Federal District, in yet another phase of Operation Lesa Pátria. The person, who has not been identified, is suspected of inciting anti-democratic acts and is one of the administrators of the resources that financed the actions.

According to the PF, the investigations also indicate that the prisoner would have taught guerrilla tactics to the participants of the camp located in the General Headquarters (QG) of the Army, in Brasília.

The PF says that the facts investigated constitute, in theory, the crimes of violent abolition of the Democratic State of Law, coup d’état, qualified damage, criminal association, incitement to crime, destruction and deterioration or destruction of specially protected property.

Investigations are still ongoing and Operation Lesa Pátria is permanent, with periodic updates on the number of court orders issued, people captured and fugitives.

*With information from the PF

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