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Minister Vallejo responds to Mayor Carter for statements against La Moneda by summary prosecution: “They are unfounded and false accusations”

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The Government Spokesperson Minister, camila vallejohe replied to the mayor of La Florida, Rudolf Carterafter his comments against the Government, this after the internal investigation ordered by the Public Ministry to investigate whether the mayor has been provided with confidential information in the context of the so-called “narco houses”.

To remember that, during the last weeks, the mayor of Florida has promoted the measure of demolition of houses related to drug trafficking. Politics that has added detractors as well as supporters.

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Following the measure adopted by the body led by Angel ValenciaCarter called a press conference in which he criticized the Executive, indicating that they prefer to close schools for drug funerals (as happened in Valparaíso this week) “and not fight like we are doing”, blaming the Government -in part- for the summary.


Carter alleges responsibility of the Government in the summary of the Public Ministry, this after Valencia himself has supported the measure that has been adopted in Florida on Wednesday morning, so that on the afternoon of the same day he sends the investigation request to the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor, Lorraine Parrato find out who delivers the information to the community chief and whether or not it is confidential.

The mayor in the midst of the demolition operation of the “narco houses” maintained that these are based on information that has been provided to him by the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office.

Faced with this action, the communal chief was surprised by Valencia’s change of action with respect to this measure, pointing out possible calls to carry out said investigation.

As stated ThirdThe first person to be investigated is prosecutor Ernesto Navarro, who belongs to the High Complexity and Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office, this after an email sent to Carter was revealed detailing 19 addresses linked to investigations related to drug law and with people formalized or deprived of liberty.

The reason for the summary is to clarify whether there was any administrative failure, added to whether or not there is a violation of secrecy. The Public Ministry indicated that they have no power in the processes carried out by the mayor.

Government response

From the Government, it was the government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, who came up against the mayor’s questions, indicating that they will not be responsible for “unfounded and false accusations.”

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