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Federal Police and Army fight, in Rio, fraud in the purchase of weapons

Federal Police and Army fight, in Rio, fraud in the purchase of weapons

The Federal Police (PF) fulfills today (10), in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 27 search and seizure warrants against suspects of fraudulent documents to acquire, possess and carry a firearm. Dealers are suspected of selling weapons even without the correct documentation. Operation Confessio has the support of the Controlled Products Inspection Service of the 1st Military Region of the Army.

According to the PF, the investigation began after a complaint about the existence of systematic falsification and use of Firearm Registration Certificates (CRAF) by people who wanted to evade the inspection and freely carry firearms. Registration certificates (CR), traffic guides and requirements for the acquisition of firearms and accessories were also falsified.


The scheme involved brokers, acquirers, CACs (hunters, shooters and collectors) and firearms dealers who allowed acquirers to buy weapons illegally. Merchants still delivered products without a valid traffic guide and without verifying the authenticity of the documents.

The investigated will answer for the crimes of falsification of federal public document, use of false document, illegal trade in firearms and illegal possession of firearms for restricted use. The warrants were issued by the 3rd Federal Court of the Judiciary Subsection of São João de Meriti, in Rio.

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