Father of Richard Pavón, the first young man murdered in 2018, arrives with a Humanitarian Parole in the United States

Carlos Pavón, the father of the young Richad Pavón, assassinated by the Ortega Murillo dictatorship during the social protests of 2018, arrived in the United States benefiting from the humanitarian parole. Despite the fact that five years have passed since the murder of his son, he assured that “since his loss nothing was the same again.”

“It still hurts,” he said in a very sad tone. “It is something that will never be overcome, just as we will never stop asking for justice for those who took his life when he was only 17 years old,” said the newcomer to the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Pavón, like dozens of pinoleros, applied for the humanitarian benefit to enter that country and it was approved. “We are going to fight, to live this new life,” he said, mentioning that things are not going well in Nicaragua, especially for a family that has a relative killed during the civic rebellion five years ago.

leave a legacy of love

In this interview, he remembered his son Richard, who joined the protests on April 19, 2018, in Tipitapa, Managua and was assassinated by Sandinista sympathizers in front of the Mayor’s Office of that town. That crime would only be the beginning of a family drama that does not end and that continues now forcing him to leave his country.

Father of Richard Pavón, the first young man murdered in 2018, arrives with a Humanitarian Parole in the United States
From the United States, Richard Pavón’s father calls to continue demanding justice for the victims of the dictatorship. Photo: VEL / Courtesy

“This loss of our son is quite unfortunate. It has affected me, my wife and my other daughters a lot, because Richard was a well-cared young man, a good brother, a good son, he liked to make friends, he liked to play with his sisters, he was very dynamic and loved,” he recalled. .

The grieving father said that young Richard left “a legacy of love for the Nicaraguan people.” «He Saw that his friends and that others he did not know were in a fair fight; and he decided to be a part of it. Nobody sent him, he went alone, he felt that his country was calling him, his country needed him and you see, his love for his country was so great that he offered his own life for Nicaragua,” said Don Carlos Peacock.

His most recurring memory is the date of his last birthday. He recalls that when his son turned 17 he approached her and said: “Dad I’m leaving him.” “That day he was handsome, he was proud of his height, unfortunately we no longer have him, they killed him,” Pavón said with his broken voice.

Persecuted by the dictatorship

Since Richard Pavón’s death, his family has been harassed and persecuted. They have defended the action of his son and it has been seen as a crime that they demand justice. Every birthday; on October 29, each anniversary of his death; On April 19, they have been harassed, they have not been able to commemorate something in peace like going to the cemetery and bringing them flowers, because they have been harassed in the cemetery and at home, the police and paramilitaries watch them all the time, he said.

“After the death of our son, they have always besieged us. We ask ourselves the question, what are the police afraid of? Instead of doing us justice, they harass us and have branded us as terrorists”, Don Carlos Pavón reiterated.

He says that in the United States he will start working to help his wife and two daughters, but he will maintain his resistance and continue to demand justice for his son. “In five years we have not seen anything, there are no investigations, there is nothing, and the fallen youths deserve justice and not repeat everything that has happened,” he said.

Father of Richard Pavón, the first young man murdered in 2018, arrives with a Humanitarian Parole in the United States
Richard Pavón in a file photograph when he was going to school before he was murdered. Photo: Courtesy

He also took the opportunity to call on all the families of the victims “to continue standing” and demand justice so that the guilty are brought before the courts and pay for their crimes.

Don Carlos is staying at a friend’s house in Indianapolis who, out of solidarity, has opened the doors for him. He is looking for work to survive.

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