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Diplomats went to fists over the flag of Ukraine

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Judith Pena | May 4, 2023

A Russian and a Ukrainian government representative clashed during the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly in Ankara, Turkey.

The Russian snatched the flag of Ukraine from the hands of the Ukrainian representative, which caused him to grab him with blows in anger.

But this incident was reported by the Russian government as an assault on its diplomat.

Through the official Russian TASS News Agency Irina Kasimova, embassy press attaché, assured that a member of the Ukrainian delegation attacked the secretary of the Russian delegation Valery Stavitsky.

The diplomat, who did not mention in what context the events occurred, stressed that “the victim is being examined at the hospital. “A member of the Russian delegation was attacked by a representative of the Ukrainian delegation. Our employee is in the hospital, where he is undergoing the necessary examinations, he has also received consular assistance, “said the diplomatic mission.

He also stated that the embassy called on the Turkish authorities about this “atrocious” incident. And he added that they trust “that the perpetrators will be punished.”

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