Farc dissidents appear again in Tibú, now they challenge the Ministry of Defense

Farc dissidents appear again in Tibú, now they challenge the Ministry of Defense

Once again, the dissidents of the 33rd Front of the Farc make theirs in Tibú. This time his presence was in the sector known as Barrio Largo, which is on the road that from this population leads to the El Tarra municipality.

The incident took place around 4:00 in the afternoon this Saturday, in a video a group of armed men is seen, wearing military clothing and wearing bracelets alluding to this armed organization.

In the images it is possible to observe that these subjects, they set up a checkpoint, just like the police checkpoints and in it they stop vehicles and motorcycles, search people, likewise motor vehicles, and say goodbye to people by shaking hands.

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In the video that lasts more than two minutes, the men of alias ‘Jhon Mechas’ send a message to the defense ministerDiego Molano, telling him that they are waiting for the special groups of the Army that he promised to restore public order in the municipality.

Initially it is reached “we are just three minutes from the town of Tibu, providing security to the veredales area of ​​this beautiful municipalityand we will continue with our patrols because our greatest intention is to keep the people of Catatumbero safe, since the state does not provide it, and likewise the state has forgotten the roads, the health issue, the children with their studies,” indicates one of the armed men.

Finally, they point out that “We will continue to fight here waiting for the special forces that the Minister of Defense is going to send. Win or die, Farc Ep 33”.

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This fact occurs a day after the commander of the Army, General Eduardo Zapateiro visit this town and walk its streets, providing a message of confidence to the Tibuyan population.

The mayor of Tibú, Nelson Leal, in a video that has been shared on the page of the mayor of this municipality, has asked its inhabitants not replicate videos that could put him and his family at risk.

“After the latest events I have been the victim of ridicule and accusations that not only put me at risk, but also my family, I am not a supporter of the war, I have no weapons, I have never wielded any in my entire life,” said the municipal president.

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And ends by saying, “Today I call on the community to avoid spreading images that may be detrimental to my integrity and to all those who make up my home, doing harm to another person is part of violence” concluded Mayor Nelson Leal.

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