Fancap: "The popular use of the Pink Panther will continue to be"

The Ancap Federation (Fancap) was “surprised” by Metro Goldwyn Mayer study summons to “immediately cease any unauthorized use linked to the Pink Panther“.

Manuel Colina, in charge of Propaganda for the union, told The Observer that the summons was “a bit of a surprise” to them, that the use of the panther drags on to the 2003 referendum and that they are going to “analyze how to continue”.

“There is a position of the campaign at the national level that is correct. Afterwards, there are rather organizations that use the Panther for proprio motus. We had used it in the 2003 referendum and this had not happened to us,” she said.

“The popular use regarding the panther will continue to be, what we cannot do is make use of it in official media. We have to study it,” Colina added.

“A few months ago we made inquiries, and found no impediment to its use. It was one of the concerns,” he admitted..

Colina argued that the use of the image is protected “when you use it to make money over which you have no rights”, but that the use by the campaign “does not report dividends in any way”. “It is not for profit and is a popular element,” said the trade unionist, and reported that the issue will be analyzed by the Fancap Legal Department.

The union’s president, Gerardo Rodríguez, told Underlined that “If it’s not the Pink Panther, it will be the cousin.”

“We are used to having our freedom curtailed to carry out the campaign,” he added.

The trade unionist recalled that it is not the first “obstacle” they have suffered in the campaign. “Last year we were banned from the radio and television network. We were denied the deadline to extend the collection of signatures and the Centennial Stadium. The banners at the carnival are denied. And now the image of the Pink Panther. Anyway It’s a sign that we’re fine, that we’re on the right track,” he said.

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