FANB starts Operation Boquete in Amazonas to disable illegal airstrips Tancol

FANB starts Operation Boquete in Amazonas to disable illegal airstrips Tancol

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) began Operation Boquete in the state of Amazonas in order to disable illegal runways built by the Armed Terrorist Narcotrafficking groups of Colombia (Tancol), which are used to give entry to foreign aircraft not authorized by the country.

The information was released by the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez, through his account on the social network Twitter, where he specified: «FANB begins disabling illegal tracks in the amazon state ‘Operation Boquete’”.

He stressed that in the same entity the military personnel remain in reconnaissance missions in the outskirts of the Platanillal parish.

“In reconnaissance missions, the FANB begins the deployment of scrutiny in the outskirts of the Platanillal parish in Amazonas state,” he said.

On the other hand, as part of the operations throughout the national territory, the head of Ceofanb indicated that the “REDI Los Andes begins deployment of forces and means within the framework of the Cacique Murachí Bolivarian Shield operation.”

It was also learned that the URRA of Cojedes successfully disabled the clandestine runway of the Tancols.

“URRA Cojedes, mission accomplished. Assigned track unused! Fulminant as the Catatumbo Lightning!!”, Hernández Lárez referred.

Hernández Lárez recalled that “the FANB is in a complex job of cleaning and rendering useless in our territory.”

He also remarked: “We will detonate and deactivate all their deadly traps.”

FANB officials continue to patrol and scrutinize all corners of the national territory with the purpose of protecting the nation from Colombian drug trafficking groups, an instruction given by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who demanded to declare 2022 like the year off for the Tancols.

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