Conaprole union denounces salary loss of 1,800 workers

The Association of Workers and Employees of Conaprole (AOEC), in another instance that highlights the stagnation of the union conflict in the companyissued a public statement in which it sets out a series of considerations as a response to a statement that the Conaprole board sent this Thursday to its staff.

In this new communication, sent to The Observer this Friday, among other concepts, it is stated: “Conaprole recognizes that it is the largest private company in the country and claims to be a pride of Uruguay and the story of a dream that came true, but it has 1,800 workers losing wages“.

“The largest private company in the country, he shamelessly said, refuses to recognize an improvement for the 80 trade workers who went on to attend and operate ultra-modern machinery that managed to multiply production in extraordinary numbers“, indicates the statement.

Regarding the discussion related to the non-agreement on a deadline for Conaprole to design a proposal with a salary increase and changes in work (the company first asked for a month and then until the end of May, while the union wanted it to be resolved before May 23 May), the AOEC statement states: “They couldn’t come up with a proposal in 14 months and now they need 20 more days“.

The union’s statement, which can be read in full below, concludes by stating: “The AOEC will never deviate from the path of dialogue, good sense, respect and dignity that our history marks for us. That is the responsible path in peace in which We will always meet.”


Conaprole union denounces salary loss of 1,800 workers


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