FANB seizes 25 panelas of cocaine on the coast of Falcón

FANB seizes 25 panelas of cocaine on the coast of Falcón

staff of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) seized 25 panelas of cocaine in the Falcón state coastsreported the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, Hernández Lárez explained that the panelas of cocaine detected and seized have a weight of more than 29 kilograms.

He reiterated that the FANB continues in its unstoppable fight against drugs and Venezuela “will not be a route for drug trafficking,” he said.

“FANB in ​​the fight against drugs, detects and seizes 25 panels of cocaine weighing more than 29 kg on the coast of Falcón state. Our country will not be a drug trafficking route,” he posted on Twitter.

In another procedure carried out by the FANB, 191 marijuana wrappers were also seized, weighing more than 91 kilograms in the state of Táchira, indicated the Chief of Ceofanb.

On his Twitter account, he reported that four citizens were arrested in the event, who served Colombian Armed Terrorist Drug Trafficking groups (Tancol).

“In the state of Táchira, FANB detains 4 unsuspecting citizens recruited by the TANCOL groups to serve as mules in the entry of drugs into the national territory and seizes 191 packages of marijuana weighing more than 91 kg. We will not be a drug trafficking route! », He pointed out on Twitter.

Likewise, Hernández Lárez reported that a citizen was arrested after seizing 139 marijuana seeds in Táchira.

“FANB detains unsuspecting subject captured by TANCOL groups, coming from Táchira state with 139 marijuana seeds, these are not Venezuelan customs. For a Venezuela free of endemic plantations and drug trafficking,” he said on Twitter.

FANB active against drug trafficking

Faced with these FANB operations, in which significant amounts of drugs have been seized, the Chief of Ceofanb reiterated that the military will continue their fight against drug trafficking and in defense of national sovereignty.

“Venezuela actively fights against drug trafficking, to prevent its entry from the border states,” he recently stressed.

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